Financial Counselling. Providing financial counselling, budget advice and advocacy to those impacted by a financial crisis in their lives.

Family Preservation & Reunification

The Family Preservation and Reunification Service is part of the Resilient Families suite of programs.

What do we do?
We preserve and strengthen family relationships to ensure Children and Young People live in safe, secure and stable environments. Where Children and Young People have been placed in out of home care we work with the family so that the Children and Young People can return to a safe, secure and stable environment. We do this through the provision of stable, specialised and skilled workforce that uses a Solution and Strength based approach to reduce risk and improve the capacity of the parents to care for their children and supports Children and Young People and their families to develop and maintain strong family relationships.

Key Funding Source
Department for Child Protection

Who can we help?
Families who are in contact with the statutory child protection and care system in South Australia.

Who can you contact?
Port Pirie/Port Augusta: Kadina/Clare:
Sue Blank Vicki Jacobs
Phone: 8633 8611 Phone: 8821 0321


Where are we based?
Port Pirie
Port Augusta

What areas do we cover?
Far North
Yorke and Mid North

Family Preservation or Reunification referrals can only be made by the Department for Child Protection